Bonfim Festival (Brazil)

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Bonfim Festival (Brazil)

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Bonfim Festival (Brazil)


Themes: Protection; Blessing

Symbols: Silver or Lunar Items; Water; White Flowers

About Auchimalgen: A Chilean goddess of the moon, Auchimalgen protects us from all evils and disasters that lie in wait in the months ahead. Her husband is the sun, who blesses the land with light, while she shines through the darkness to keep her followers safe and inspired.

To Do Today: Count your blessings today, and give thanks for them. In our rushed society, this is something that often gets overlooked, and life is far more pleasant when we appreciate the little things.

Wear any silver-colored clothing or jewelry to honor Auchimalgen, and burn some lunar incense (cocnut, jasmie, lemon or myrrh) to fill the sacred space of your home with her protection.

The Bonfim Festival takes place in Brazil today in a church known as the "church of happy endings" because it was built by a ship's captain in gratitude for a safe return to land. The priests of the area wash the steps of the church with flower water to cleanse and bless the sacred place anew, and as a way of thanking the gods for their ongoing kindness. In keeping with this tradition, sprinkle the doorway to your home with any floral scented water (or personal cologne or perfume) to draw Auchimalgen's beneficent energies to you.

By Patricia Monaghan ~ From "365 Goddess"


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