Roman Planting Festival (Rome)

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Roman Planting Festival (Rome)

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Roman Planting Festival (Rome)


Themes: Fertility; Earth; Harvest; Growth

Symbols: Grains (especially corn); Poppies; Bread

About Ceres: Ceres, the Roman goddess of corn, returns our attention to the land today to begin preparing for spring's crop plantings. At the same time, Ceres reminds us to plant some figurative seeds of character now so they will mature throughout the year. Cere's name translates as "create." Ceres is truly the creator and mistress of our morning feast table, having lent her name to modern breakfast cereals, which shows her affiliation with essential food crops.

To Do Today: For growing energy and earth awareness, eat any grain-based food today. Ideal choices include, corn bread, corn flakes, puffed wheat, buttered corn, or corn chowder.

If you're a gardener, or even if you just enjoy a few houseplants, today is the perfect time to tend to the soil. The Romans took time out from their other duties and spent an entire week around this date blessing the land. They invoked Ceres as the essential vegetable spirit for aid after the seeds were laid into the ground.

While we may not be able to spend all week long doing likewise, a few minutes of caring for the earth is well worth the time. Put any seeds you plan to plant on an altar or in another visual spot. Visualize a yellow-golden light filling and fertilizing them. Leave them here to absorb Ceres's energy until your traditional planting season begins.

By Patricia Telesco ~ From "365 Goddess"


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