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July ...

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July ...
entire month Sothus and Spiderwoman.

July 1; Fuji and Nagas.
July 3: Witch of Gaeta
July 4: Pax
July 5: Maat
July 7: Caprotina and Hathor.
July 8: Juno and Surna.
July 9: Dionysus
July 10: Holda
July 11: Kronos
July 12: Dikaiosune and Yama.
July 13: Hecate and Osiris.
July 14: Horus
July 15: Set, Rowana and Tsi -Tsang
July 16: Erzuli and Freda.
July 18: Copper Woman, LuPan and Nepthys.
July 23: Sulis and Neptune.
July 25: Furrina
July 26: Kachimas
July 28: Domna and Thor
July 30: Gloosca
July 31: Lugh


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