Equal Opportunity Day (United States)

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Equal Opportunity Day (United States)

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Equal Opportunity Day (United States)


Themes: Balance; Justice; Morality; Freedom

Symbol: Soil

About Tenga: Among the Mossi of Senegal, Tenga is a potent earth goddess who presides over all matters of justice and morality. Today she joins our celebration by offering to right wrongs and restore the balance in any area of our life that's gotten out of kilter.

To Do Today: This holiday commemorates Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and the liberating energy it created for all people. Tenga had to be pleased by Mr. Lincoln's efforts, and we should honor both him and this goddess today by reconsidering any prejudices that cloud the way we look at other people or situations.

One way of doing this is through visualization. Hold a handful of soil as you mentally review the last week of your life and the way you handled certain individuals or circumstances. Consider: Did you go into a meeting with negativity, anticipating the worst? Did you overlook an opportunity, or close the door on a relationship because of a bad experience in the past? These are the negative patterns that Tenga helps us attack and transform with honest candidness (including being honest with yourself about shortcomings). You may not like what she shows you, but the results will be worth it. Tenga improves your awareness of the Goddess in all things and all people.

By Patricia Telesco from "365 Goddess"


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