Mount Fuji Climbing Season (Japan)

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Mount Fuji Climbing Season (Japan)

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Mount Fuji Climbing Season (Japan)


Themes: Growth; Maturity

Symbols: Flower Buds

About Sengen Sana: Sengen Sana, a Japanese growth goddess, lives high on Fujiyama, giving her unique perspectives about each person's path in life. When you need to see yourself more clearly or inspire development in your spirit, call on her for aid. According to Japanese tradition, this goddess makes the flowers blossom today, just as she can make our lives blossom into maturity. She also governs cherry blossoms, which represent the beauty and fragility of life.

To Do Today: Put a nosegay of new blossoms on your altar or in a special place to remember Sengen Sana today. Use one as a bouton-niere to liven up your clothing and inspire progress in any situation that seems to be stagnating. After the day is done, dry the petals of the blossom and burn them on a day when you want a little extra motivation.

In Japan, this day is a time to honor those who have come of age (on turning twenty) in the last year. These people dress in new clothing to mark the transition and go to community centers to celebrate. In keeping with this theme, consider having a rite of passage for any children in your life who have shown unique maturity (no matter their age). Bring them into the magic circle, present them with ritual tools, let them choose a magical name, and then give them permission to participate as a full adult in all your rituals to come.

By Patricia Telesco~From "365 Goddess"


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