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A nekomata is a Japanese mythological creature, believed to evolve from domesticated cats. It was believed that after a cat reached ten years of age, its tail would slowly split into two tails, and along the way would develop magic powers, primarily that of necromancy and shamanism. By gesturing with its tails or with its forepaws (as it walked upright), nekomata were said to animate and control the dead.[1] Nekomata in the wild were also said to feed on the corpses as carrion, as well.
Though nekomata were normally assumed to behave with the same aloof manner as normal cats, they were known to hold grudges (especially older, mistreated cats, which tended to be more powerful than the average nekomata). To gain revenge, these nekomata usually controlled the tormentors' dead relatives, haunting them until the nekomata was appeased with food, apologies and attention.
Lastly, some Japanese folk tales said that nekomata could shapeshift and become human in appearance; however, unlike the more common nekomusume, nekomata women tended to look older, display bad habits in public and always had an air of dread around them, which if around people for an extended period could cause disease and pestilence. [2]
One prominent example of the nekomata in recent fiction is Kirara, the pet of Sango in the manga and anime series InuYasha; however it should be noted that Kirara does not exhibit the traditional traits of the nekomata.


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