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The Mapinguari is a giant sloth-like creature that is rumored to exist from Central America to the Amazon jungle of Brazil. The creature is reported to be up to two meters in length. It has been said that Aztecs believed that if a person saw a Mapinguari, it would kill them.
It is unclear if the Mapinguari truly exists. Ornithologist David C. Oren, head of the Zoology Division of Emilio Goeldi Museum in Belgium, Brazil, spent eight years gathering accounts of the animal. His findings suggest that the Mapinguari may be a descendent of Megatherium, a species believed to be extinct.
The ABC TV series, Lost, contains a mysterious assailant some have speculated is meant to be a Mapinguari of sorts. A webpage created by the show's producers to hype interest in the second season ( contains a hidden script page with the following which describes the monster as: "HUGE. Mechanical and biological. Godlike and profane. A massive, multi-tentacled robotic beast resembling a primordial mapinguari - only partially obscured in a cloud of acrid smoke." This idea may have been nixed by the creators of Lost, however. It is also possible that the script page is a red herring, and that the described monster was never suggested for the show.


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