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Father Time

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Father Time

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A 19th century depiction of Father Time, cradling Baby New Year.

Father Time is a mythical personification of time. He is usually depicted as an elderly bearded man, dressed in a robe, carrying an hourglass or other timekeeping device (representing time's constant movement) and a scythe (linking time's passage with the inevitability of death). This image is culled from several sources, including the Holly King, the Celtic god of the dying year, and Chronos, the Greek god of time.
As a popular New Year celebration, Father Time is also used as personification of the previous year, who "hands over" the duties of time to Baby New Year, who will also become Father Time, yielding to Baby New Year in a constant cycle.
Father time is also seen in various books and movies helping Santa Claus stop time so he can deliver presents to the millions of homes across the world.
Because of their similarity in name as pertaining to parental figures, he is sometimes paired with Mother Nature as a married couple.
Father Times has an appearance on the tv show Smurfs
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