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In Manx Mythology, a Buggane was a huge ogre-like creature, native to the Isle of Man.
Bugganes were said to be covered in black hair, with claws, tusks and a large red mouth. As they were known to tunnel underground, they might be said to resemble a giant mole, though they were intelligent and spoke to people on occasion.
A Buggane always had a particular home such as an old ruin, forest or waterfall, where it would remain unless disturbed somehow.
Bugganes were magical creatures, and were known to be unable to cross water or stand on hallowed ground. They were occasionally called upon by the faeries to punish people that had offended them.
The most famous story involving a Buggane involves a Buggane repeatedly tearing the roof off St Trinian's church in the Isle of Man. Another tells the story of a woman's narrow escape after a Buggane is sent by the faeries to punish her for baking after sunset.[edit]

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