Brenin Llwyd

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Brenin Llwyd

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Brenin Llwyd

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The Brenin Llwyd (Welsh for "Grey King") is a being believed by some to inhabit the mountains of Snowdonia in Wales. Reports of its appearance vary. It is sometimes described merely as a "presence", but it has also been reported to be large, hairy, man-like creature, possibly related to the American bigfoot or the Himalayan yeti. In this regard, it is similar to the Big Grey Man of Scotland, which is considered by some to be a flesh and blood creature, and by others to be an incorporeal spirit.[edit]

The Brenin Llwyd in fiction

Susan Cooper's novel The Grey King, the fourth book in The Dark is Rising series, is named for the Brenin Llwyd. In the book, he is a lord of the Dark, who is an ever-present, oppressive force pervading the area around Cader Idris. His agents are the milgwn, spectral foxes who seek to prevent Will Stanton and Bran Davies from awakening the Sleepers who will ride against the Grey King and the forces of the Dark.


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