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December ...

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December ...
Woden, Attis and Dionysus all month.
December 3: Bona Dea, Cybele and Rhea.
December 4: Chango and Minerva.
December 7: Demeter
December 8: Amaterasu, Astraea and Neith.
December 9: Tondlzin
December 10: Tonantzin and Liberty.
December 11: Tonantzin, Bruma, Arrianehod and Snow Queen.
December 12: Tonantzin and Black Madonna.
December 15: Alcyone
December 16: SpiderWoman,
Hawk, Maat, Morrigan and Sophia.
December 17: Saturn
December 18: Diev, Saturn and Epona.
December 19: Ops, Sankrant and Saturn.
December 20: Saturn
December 21: Saturn
December 22 :Saturn
December 23: Laurintina and Saturn.
December 24: Saturn
December 25: Invicti Solis
December 27: Freya
December 29: Artemis
December 31: Hogmagog


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