Hindu Solstice (India)

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Hindu Solstice (India)

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Hindu Solstice (India)


Themes: Cleansing; Health; Mercy

Symbol: Water, Yellow-colored Items

About Ganga: As the Hindu goddess of the river Ganges, Ganga represents purification, welness, and benevolence in the new year. Legend has it Ganga came to earth upon hearing the cries of people who were dying from drought. Shiva divided Ganga into seven streams so she would not flood the earth upon her arrival. Part of this stream remained in the heavens as the Milky Way, and the rest flows through India as the river Ganges, where the goddess lives.

Art depicts Ganga as beautiful, controlling the makara (a sea monster on which she stands), with water flowing all around her.

To Do Today: In India, people gather on the river Ganges on this day and bathe in the waters for health, protection, and forgiveness from ten sins. They welcome spring's approach during this festival by wearing yellow clothing and coloring food, like rice, with saffron. To adapt this tradition and prompt Ganga's blessings, wear any yellow-toned stone (like citrine), and/or eat rice as part of any meal. Adapt your shower, tap, bath, hose, or lawn sprinkler to substitute for the river Ganges. As you stand beneath the water, visualize any figurative dirt being washed away down the drain.

By Patricia Telesco ~ From "365 Goddess"


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