Saint Agnes's Day (Various Locations)

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Saint Agnes's Day (Various Locations)

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Saint Agnes's Day (Various Locations)


Themes: Divination; Love

Symbols: Flowing Water; Seashells; Amber Beads

About Oshun: Oshun is a beautiful, oracular goddess of love. Generous and beneficent, she opens her eyes to let us peek into what the future holds for relationships. According to legends, Oshun didn't always know how to tell the future. She was taught by Obatala, one skilled in divination, in return for retrieving his stolen clothing from Elegba. But Elegba exacted his price too. Once Oshun learned to divine, she had to teach all the other orishas the fortune-telling secrets.

To Do Today: Traditionally, Saint Agnes's Day is spent divining information about love's path and relationships in the coming year. Following Oshuris example, make a fortune-telling tool from three shells, each of which has a "top" and "bottom." If shells aren't handy, use three coins. Think of a "yes" or "no" question related to love. Three tops (or heads) mean "yes." Two tops mean things are generally positive, but uncertain. One top indicates a "wait" or a negative response, and three bottoms is a definite "no." Put the shells under your pillow before you go to bed to dream of future loves.

Or, to encourage Oshuris problem-solving skills in a relationship, carry a small piece of amber or wear a piece of amber-colored clothing when you meet your loved one to talk things over.

By Patricia Telesco~From "365 Goddess"


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