Gold Rush Day (California)

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Gold Rush Day (California)

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Gold Rush Day (California)


Themes: Prosperity; Luck; Providence

Symbols: Golden Items; Corn

About Nokomis: In Algonquin tradition, Nokomis is the "grandmother" who supplies us with the earth's riches and gives nourishment to humankind in times of need. When people are hungry, Nokomis provides food. When there is no food to be found, she offers to let us consume her spirit, thereby continuing the cycle of life.

To Do Today: Today marks the anniversary of the discovery of gold in California and the resulting expansion westward in the United States. In keeping with this prosperous, fortunate theme, wear or carry something gold today to bring a little more of Nokomis's abundance your way.

For financial improvements, especially if you have any pressing bills, eat corn (any type) today. Before consuming it pray to Nokomis, saying:

Grandmother, see the sincerity of my need. Go to

your storehouse and dispense ___(fill in the

minimum amount you need to get by) so that I

might meet my obligations.

Eating corn internalizes the energy of the prayer so opportunities to make money start manifesting.

If you're pressed for time, grab a kernal of unpopped popcorn and put it in your wallet or purse to keep Nokomis's prosperity (and your cash) where it's needed most.

By Patricia Telesco~From "365 Goddess"


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