Vietnamese New Year

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Vietnamese New Year

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Vietnamese New Year


Theme: Luck

Symbol: Any Lucky Totem

About the Mother: This goddess represents the unknowable and uncontrollable things we face daily. In Indo-Chinese tradition, she is part of the Universe's ebb and flow, ever changing and ever the same. Turn to her when you feel as if ten thousand things in your life were up in the air.

To Do Today: Take out any item that you associate with good fortune. Name it after the one area in your life in which you need more luck (naming something designates its purpose and powers). Hold the token up to the night sky (symbolic of the Universe's vastness), saying:

Mother, see this symbol of my need,. Empower it

with your fortunate influence to fill my year with

____(fill in with the name of your token.)

Carry this with you as often as possible to manifest that energy in your life.

In Vietnam, this holiday, known as Tet, is filled with ceremonies for luck over several days, including an offering to the goddess and ancestors to give good fortune a boost. Eating rice today invokes the spirit of prosperity. Or you can try a traditional divinitory activity today instead. Make a note of the name of the first person you meet today. If the name has an auspicous meaning, (check a baby-name book), your meeting presages a wonderful year filled with the Mother's serendipity.

By Patricia Telesco ~ From "365 Goddess"


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