Chinese New Year (China)

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Chinese New Year (China)

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Chinese New Year (China)


Themes: Long Life; Luck; Fertility; Wisdom; Tradition

Symbols: Dragons; Sun and Moon Symbols; the Numbers Three and Eighteen

About Jun Ti: This Chinese Buddhist Goddess oversees all matters of life generously. In works of art she is depicted as living on Polaris, the star around which all things revolve, including each individual's fate. She has three eyes for wise discernemnt, eighteen arms holding weapons with which to protect her people, and a dragon's head that symbolizes her power and wisdom.

To Do Today: Jun Ti can help you live a more fulfilled life this year by overseeing your fortune and well-being. To encourage her assistance, think silver and gold (or white and yellow) - the colors of the moon and sun. Wear items in these hues, or perhaps have a glass of milk followed by pineapple juice in the morning to drink fully of her attributes!

On or around this day, the Chinese take to the streets with new year festivities that last two weeks. Eating various rice-based dishes today encourages fertility, respect, and long life, while wearing new shoes brings Jun Ti's luck. It is also customary to be on one's best behavior and honor the ancestors throughout the day for good fortune. The climax of festivities is a dragon parade, the beast, Jun Ti's sacred animal, being associated with ancient knowledge and tradition. So, find a way to commemorate your personal or family customs today to draw Jun Ti's attention and blessing.

By Patricia Telesco ~ From "365 Goddess"


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