Imbolc (Ireland)

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Imbolc (Ireland)

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Imbolc (Ireland)


Themes: Health and Inspiration

Symbol: A Cauldron

About Brigit: Brigit is an Irish goddess known throughout Europe as "the bright one" because of her inspiring beauty and fiery qualities. Today is Brigit's festival in Ireland because it's the traditional first day of spring here, when lingering winter shadows are banished by the sun's radiance. Anyone desiring fertility, health, or creativity should invoke Brigit's blessings today, as the ancients did.

To Do Today: During the winter months it's easy to get a case of the blahs or sniffles. Brigit comes to our aid by offering us the spiritual elixer in her cauldron. Make yourself a nourishing broth today (like chicken bouillon) and serve it in a cauldron ( a three-legged bowl). If you don't have one, any cup or mug would do. Bless the broth by holding your hand over the top, visualizing golden light filling the liquid saying:

Brigit, hear my prayer and bless the cauldron (or cup) of inventiveness.

Renew my body, inspire my heart.

Throughout my life, your wholeness impart, So be it.

Drink the broth to internalize inspiriation.

For health, take any candle (a green one is ideal for healing) and carve nineteen crosses into it. The number nineteen and the symbol of the cross are both sacred to Brigit. Light this candle for a few minutes every day for the next nineteen days. Or, you can let the candle burn for nineteen minutes instead.

By Patricia Telesco ~ From "365 Goddess"


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