Homstrom (Switzerland)

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Homstrom (Switzerland)

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Homstrom (Switzerland)


Themes: Spring; Abundance; Providence

Symbols: Bear; Fruit

About Artio: Artio is a Swiss bear goddess who awakens in the spring to announce the season and share fruit from her storehouse. This is the fruit of daily providence, even as the earth itself will soon show signs of abundant life and fruitfulness. In Celtic tradition, she is also the goddess of wildlife, and she was likely called on during hunting rituals.

To Do Today: As Artio emerges from her sleep, the Swiss burn an effigy of winter to literally destroy the cold with fire and light. An easy way to do this yourself is to burn a fruity cookie (carefully) in the oven, then disperse the ashes to the earth.

If you've spent a lot of time at home lately, defintely emerge from the "cave," experience life fully, and begin preparing the soil of your spirit for spring's growth-oriented energy.

Put together a fresh fruit salad today and invoke Artio's providence saying:

Artio, see my needs and bless, bring to me fruitfulness!

Share the fruit with the family and friends to permeate their life with Artio's abundance. If you want to presernve your resources as well as inspire abundance, use canned fruit instead, (which equates with Artio's stores during hibernation).

By Patricia Telesco ~From "365 Goddess"


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