Mother Earth Day (China)

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Mother Earth Day (China)

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Mother Earth Day (China)


Themes: Earth; Nature", Ecology; Fertility

Symbols: Globe; Soil; All Natural Items; Marble

About Hu Tu: Literally "Empress Earth" in Chinese mythology, this goddess embodies and personifies the earth in spring and its fertility. Through her we can learn how to live abundantly, while maintaining a reciprocity with nature. Hu Tu also teaches us how to see and integrate nature's lessons.

To Do Today: According to tradition, this is the birthday ofHuTu, in the form of Mother Earth. Celebrate it as you might any birthday, . with a little twist. Make a fertilizer cake for the earth and light a candle on it. Blow out the candle, making a wish to Hu Tu for earth's revitalization. Then, give the fertilizer to the soil to start the process!

This celebration bears many similarities to Earth Day in the West, so organize litter patrols, educate yourself on recycling techniques, take a long walk to truly enjoy Hu Tu's beauty. As you walk, feel the sacredness of the ground beneath your feet and say a silent prayer of thankfulness to HuTu for her care and providence.

Finally, make yourself a Hu Tu charm that stimulates grounding and draws figurative or literal fertility to you. Find any marble (blue is best) to represent Hu Tu. Cleanse and energize this today by putting it in rich soil to connect it to Hu Tu's foundational energy. Carry the charm whenever you feel flighty or need to be more productive.

By Patricia Telesco ~From "365 Goddess"


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