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Buergsonndeg (Luxembourg)

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Buergsonndeg (Luxembourg)


Themes: Spring; Cycles; Health; Energy; Peace; Prosperity

Symbols: Fire; Chariot; Soil

About Nerthus: This Germanic earth goddess welcomes the season with her presence. She was so important in Danish regions that no weapons or iron tools could be left out during her festivals, because that was thought to invoke her displeasure. During spring rites, her statue was covered on a chariot until the priest determined she had arrived to oversee the festivities.

To Do Today: Traditionally, today is spent before a bonfire that greets the sun and banishes the last vestiges of winter. So, take down your heavy winter curtains, and let some light into the house! This restores Nerthus's positive energy and expels any lingering sicknesses. If it's cloudy out, turn on some lights, don dazzling-colored clothing, and find ways to brighten up your living space with flowers and decorations that speak of earth (Nerthus) and spring's beauty.

Another customary activity is turning the soil, mixing it with an offering of milk, flour, and water. Even if you don't have a garden, turn a little dirt near your apartment or home and leave a similar gift. This action rejoices in Nerthus's awakening and draws the goddess's peace and prosperity to your residence. To take a little of that same blessing with you, just collect a bit of the soil-milk mixture in a container and put it wherever you need peace or prosperity the most.

By Patricia Telesco~ From "365 Goddess"


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