Easter (Date and Location Vary)

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Easter (Date and Location Vary)

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Easter (Date and Location Vary)


Themes: Fertility; Rebirth

Symbol: Egg

About Ostara: The Tuetonic goddess Ostara presides over personal renewal, fertility, and fruitfulness. Not that spring is here, it's a good time to think about renewal in your own life. Ostara represents spring's life force and earth's renewal. Depicted as lovely as the season itself, in earlier writings she was also the goddess of dawn, a time of new beginnings (spring being the figurative dawn of the year). One of Ostara's name variations, Eostara, slowly evolved into themodern name for this holiday, Easter.

To Do Today: All spells and foods that include eggs are appropriate today. If you've been ill, try an old folk spell that recommends carrying an egg for twenty-four hours, then burying it to bury the sickness.

To improve fertility of all kinds, make eggs for breakfast at dawn's first light, the best time to invoke Ostara. As you eat, add an incantation like this one:

Ostara, bring me fertility;

witht his egg now bless my fruitfulness!

Or, if you're feeling down and need a little extra hope, get up before the sun rises and relase a symbol of your burden to the earth by dropping or burying it. Don't look at it. Turn your back and leave it there. Turn toward the horizon as the sun rises, and harvest the first flower you see. Dry it, then carry it with you often as a charm to preserve hope in your heart.

By Patricia Telesco ~ From "365 Goddess"


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