Apple Blossom Festival (Washington State)

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Apple Blossom Festival (Washington State)

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Apple Blossom Festival (Washington State)


Themes: Fertility; Beauty; Blessing; Summer; Weather; Time; Cycles

Symbols: Apples; Apple Seeds; Apple Blossoms; Rainwater

About Estsanatlehi: This Native American goddess inspires the earth's blossoming, and that of our spirits, with her productive energies. Having the power of self-rejuvenation, she warms the earth with wind in the spring, then brings soft summer rains to keep the fields growing. As the seasons change, so does her appearance, reminding us of time's movement and the earth's cycles.

To Do Today: The Apple Blossom Festival is the oldest flower fair in the United States and actually takes its conceptualization from a New Zealand custom of celebrating the apple orchards in bloom -- a place filled with Estsanatlehi is fertilizing the earth. Gather a little of this rainwater and use it in a ritual for cleansing and blessing the sacred space, or as a libation.

If you can get outside to appreciate the spring flowers, it pleases Estsanatlehi and initiates her renewal in your spirit. At some point in the day, have a tall glass of apple juice (apples plus water) to quaff a bit of Estsanatlehi's resourcefulness. Or, enjoy a fruit salad that includes apples and a garnish of fresh flowers (many of which are edible) so her beauty will grow within you.

By Patricia Telesco~From "365 Goddess"


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