Body Tracing

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Body Tracing

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Body Tracing
(Or, How to Make Really BIG Paper Dolls...) You will need (at least) two kids for this project, one to do the tracing,and one to lie on the paper.

You will need:

Crayons or marking pens

Large sheets of butcher paper

(optional) paints

Lie flat on a sheet of butcher paper. Have your partner trace carefully around your outline. Now you can color in your outline to look like yourself, or decorate it to look any way you want.

Some neat ideas:

Cut out the finished people pictures and hang them on your bedroom wall or closet door.

Glue some long sticks (dowel) to the back to make a really big puppet / paper doll.

Make a mural. Instead of individual sheets of butcher paper, use one looooong sheet, and trace several people in a row. Hang the mural on an empty wall. For fun, have some of the people lie down in funny positions. Pretend to be running or jumping.

"I teach first through third grade. In November, I have my students trace and cut out their bodies two different times. The students use one pattern to make an indian and the other to make a pilgrim. We then hang them in the hallway. My students love this activity!"


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