Mythical Creatures of Folklore and Legends:

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Mythical Creatures of Folklore and Legends:

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Mythical Creatures of Folklore and Legends:

Each person experiences different journeys within alternate realms, some may appear quite bright and beautiful while others can seem lonely and desolate. Each experience in these realms can bring about different creatures and beings. I can say from my many travels that numerous folklore and legend tales derived from these beings.

Below please find some information on Mythical Creatures of folklore and legends.

Centaurs - Creatures who are half-man and half-horse that appear in many mythological stories.

Doppelganger - A duplicate of a person or creature. Sometimes, a Doppelganger can appear as flesh and blood, other times it can be an astral projection or a ghost.

Dragons - A mythical creature with great variant in its description. Possibly evil or good. Some are seen as protector-guardians of people or places. Some can breathe fire and many have wings.

Dryads - Feminine spirits of nature that reside in the forest. Different ones protect and nurture various species of plant life and/or trees. Often, it is said, they seek revenge upon those who have damaged the forest.

Gargoyles - Winged creatures that sit atop tall buildings and keep watch. Their purpose is to ward off evil spirits. They can sit so still, they appear to be made of stone but at any moment they can dive down upon their prey below.

Giants - Huge, often violent human-like creatures that cause fear in the people who encounter them. In ancient Greece, giants were defeated in battle and were imprisoned under the earth. It is said whenever a volcano erupts, it is a giant trying to get out.

Gnomes - Very small human-like folks who stand just one or two feet tall. They like to live in gardens and are protectors of nature. Most of them are friendly enough to humans, but some of them can be tricky as well.

Goblin Bad tempered race related to dwarves. Known to enjoy disrupting human lives.

Griffon - A creature with the head and wings of an eagle, the body of a lion or tiger, front feet with talons and the tail of a scorpion. Can be a great asset to humans if fighting on their side because they are very fierce. Huge creatures, they can easily carry a human being through the air.

Imp Also known as a genie. Some of them are good, some not (‘impish’ ). They are often kept in a bottle and released when their help is needed

Kraken in Norwegian sea folklore, the Kraken is an enormous sea monster that would sometimes attack ships and feed upon the sailors. It is part octopus and part crab, although others refer to it as a giant squid.

Leprechaun - Merry little human-like creatures who live close to humans but do not like to be seen by them very often. They can be very helpful, like Brownies, and will exchange good luck and other treasures for goods they can use.

Merfolk - People with fish tails who live in the water. Mermaids are sometimes reportedly seen sitting on rocks in the sea and singing to the sailors. When in trouble, Merfolk can call all the creatures of the sea to come to their aid.

Nixes In Norse folklore, they are water spirits who try to lure people into the water.

Ogres - Human-like folks who stand twice as tall as humans and are built very strong and heavy. They are not very smart, but they are not cruel or evil, although they do enjoy a good fight.

Pegasus - A winged horse, usually white, that can fly. Highly intelligent, they can assist humans in many adventures by carrying them across land and sea.

Phoenix - A bird that sings a beautiful song and carries human prayers on its wings to heaven. When the Phoenix dies, it dies in fire and from this fire, a new Phoenix rises from the ashes.

Pixie - Tiny folk who live among the countryside. They are hard workers and can help crops and flowers to grow, but they also like to play tricks on humans. They have been known to even come inside houses in order to hide things so they cannot be found, or to make a mess.

Sphinx - A winged creature with a lion's body and a human head, usually a female head. They can be very dangerous and will sometimes kill those who cannot answer their riddles.

Sprite Sprites are water creatures. They are found only in places where it is serene and cool. They like to play with nymphs or torment butterflies. Sprites have one very important job, which is going around and changing the colours of a tree's leaves in Autumn.

Unicorn - A horse-like creature with a horn growing out of its forehead. Healing powders are held within this horn that can prevent poison from harming people. Unicorns are very magical and powerful, and keep themselves hidden from humans so that their powers are not misused.

Urisk The Urisk is a solitary Scottish elf that lives in remote pools and rivers. He is friendly and likes the company of humans, but his curious appearance usually scares away those he approaches.

Will O’ the Wisp In folklore, they are thought to be imps or pixies leading victims to danger in swamps and heaths. Sometimes they are believed to be the spirits of stillborn children flitting between heaven and hell.

Xanas A kind of nymphs or fairy, they are derived from Celtic mythology. They live near streams, and spend their day singing beautiful tunes and combing their wonderful hair.

Yeti The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas.

Reference & Further Resources:
Some of the defined terms were taken directly from two resources: British Studies Website and Mythical Creatures/Mythical Lands Section.

Both websites have fascinating detailed information relating to folklore.


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