Sun Catchers

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Sun Catchers

Post  Admin on 11/5/2008, 2:46 pm

Sun Catchers

Plastic Coffee can or Margarine tub lids
Hole punch
Yarn or any kind of string
Colored tissue cut into 1 inch squares
Paint brushes

Punch a hole in the lid and tie on a string for
hanging. Dilute the glue a little, paint the lid
with the glue add the colored tissue squares,
overlapping as desired. Repaint with glue to cover
all. Let dry and hang in the window.

Another kind of Suncatcher can be made by pouring
a thick amount of glue onto the lid then decorate
with anything you have (ie: pieces old old jewlery,
beads, plastic melting beads, buttons, etc.) Fill
in with glitter. Let dry for 2 days; hang and enjoy.


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