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Horned god of animals; chthonic god.
Earth / Pluto / Earth / October / Libra
(European: Celtic: Gallic, British)

Cernunnos rules Nature, woodlands, forests, hunting, death, reincarnation, fertility, crossroads, sacrifice, magic, circles, cycles, initiation, wild animals, all horned animals, the underworld, the astral plane, and physical love. He is the patron of hunters and warriors. His titles include Lord of Animals, Lord of the Beasts, Stag Lord, Lord of the Hunt, Lord of the Forest, Lord of the Underworld, God of the Hunt, The Horned God of the Hunt, The Horned One, and The Horned God. Cernunnos, which is also spelled Kernunnos, is pronounced ker-noo-nosí. He is also called Cernenus and Cernowain, and some authorities hold that he is the same god as Hu Gadarn, Herne, or Belatucadros.

The oak is the sacred tree of Cernunnos. His sacred animals include the stag, boar, ram, bull, snake, horned serpent, all horned animals, and all mammals. Honor him at Samhain, Ostara, Beltain, and at Midsummer, when he leads the Wild Hunt.

Invoke Cernunnos for magic, prosperity, wealth, commerce, rebirth, regeneration, virility, nobility, reincarnation, shamanism, abundance, knowledge, fertility, shape-shifting, male potency, good fortune, chieftainship, love spells, sex magic, hunting, male mysteries, Earth mysteries, workings which relate to the spiral of life, culling herds, protecting wild animals, helping to maintain the balance of Nature, and working with animals. Sitting in the lotus position is appropriate for his invocation.


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