Superstitions concerning PARSLEY

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Superstitions concerning PARSLEY

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Superstitions concerning PARSLEY

According to an oldwives' tale only the wicked can grow it.

It is very unlucky to give parsley.

Parsley plants must not be given.

Parsley should not be transplanted; it means a death in the family or bad luck.

If a stranger plants parsley in a garden, great trouble will befall the owner.

Where parsley grows in the garden, the missus is the master.

Where the mistress is the master, the parsley grows the faster.

Parsley flourishes best either when sown by the housewife rather than by her husband, or in gardens of homes where she is master.

If a young woman sows parsley-seed she will have a child.

Parsley is believed to prevent a pregnancy, and is sometimes eaten as a salad by young married women who do not desire to have a family.

If you want to bring on your period put a sprig of parsley inside your vagina for 12 hours - your period should start 24 hours later.

In the 1600's and 1700's in England, children were told that little girls came from the parsley bed.

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