Superstitions of the World

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Superstitions of the World

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Superstitions of the World

Superstitions are also known as folk beliefs, and in The Study of American Folklore, Jan Brunvand proposes this definition. "Superstitions involve beliefs, practices, and procedures based upon conscious or unconscious assumptions, usually concerned with the nature of cause and effect" (1986: 301). Brunvand also notes folklorist Alan Dundes' definition which states that superstitions can often take the form of "If A, then B, unless C." Dundes gives the example that if one breaks the mirror (A), then you'll have seven years of bad luck (B) unless you get all the pieces and throw them in running water (C). Superstitions are powerful in that it can influence people how to act or not to act in everyday life.

Filipinos have many superstitions, such as beliefs pertaining to weather, food, and people among other things. No doubt that there will be some superstitions listed here which you remember hearing in your childhood. In that case, it is a little like meeting an old friend.

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Check the sites listed below for easy reference and good source of information concerning Superstitions.



And you thought it was so simple to understand how the world viewed things.

Do not be afraid of fear itself. Take it by the hand and face it steadfast. Many superstitions are out there. You will be amazed.

Sit back and learn and share and be amazed by what you find here.

Blessed Be


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