Winged equine

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Winged equine

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Winged equine

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Winged equines are popular legendary creatures, especially in the fantasy genre. A winged equine is any member of the biological family Equidae, most often a white horse, with wings. This also includes unicorns with wings. The wings are usually feathered and are most often placed directly behind the withers, usually with one on each side of the animal.
A single winged equine, particularly a white horse, is often called a Pegasus after the most widely known winged horse character, the mythological steed of Bellerophon. A winged unicorn is sometimes known as a Pegacorn, however the Ethiopian pegasi (possibly descendants of Pegasus himself, or at least named after him) were described as having a single horn like that of the unicorn. These uses of the word Pegasus are disputed.


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