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The tsuchinoko (ツチノコ) is a mythical creature (or UMA) from Japan resembling a snake. The creature is also known as "bachi-hebi" in Northern Japan. References to the tsuchinoko legend can apparently be found in the Kojiki.[edit]


  • The tsuchinoko's body is wider around the middle than regular snakes.
  • The tsuchinoko carries venom similar to that of a viper.
  • Tsuchinoko are able to jump distances of one meter (3.3 feet).
  • The tsuchinoko enjoy alcohol.
  • The tsuchinoko are reptiles of the snake family, have scales, and are typically about 60cm (2 feet) long (according to the Japanese comic "Doraemon", issue 9).

Although there have been many reported sightings, no one has actually found or studied a tsuchinoko. A tsuchinoko was apparently once captured, but the captor released the animal before informing the media because snakes are believed to bring bad luck. Several years later the story was picked up by the media and broadcast on TV.
Some video games of Japanese origin feature the tsuchinoko, often as a secret item or enemy. Notable examples include Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow.[edit]


As with all mythical creatures, it is possible that a regular animal may be mistaken for a new species. Some believe that the tsuchinoko may simply be a normal snake with a swollen belly due to the recent swallowing of a large meal.Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsuchinoko"


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