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Tikbalang is one of the Philippine mythological creatures that is half-human, half-animal. The upper body has features of a black or brown horse, while the lower body is human. Tikbalang is less well known than Kapre, as a Tikbalang usually appears up in the mountains, while Kapre may be found both in the mountains and in town.

Tikbalang are said to only scare travellers. According to stories, if you get lost and disoriented in the woods and it seems like you keep ending up on the same path no matter how far you go or where you turn, it could be that the Tikbalang has cast a spell on you.
Mountain travellers' solution to break or to prevent the Tikbalang's spell is to wear their shirts inside out. Others will ask permission out loud to pass by or not produce too much noise while in the woods in order to not offend or disturb the Tikbalang.
According to some people's beliefs, the Tikbalang can also transform itself into what appears like a full human. Sometimes Tikbalang will assume the form of someone you know such as a close relative and imitate their exact voice and mannerisms. At this point, the Tikbalang is said to ask the traveller to follow it into the woods. The traveller, believing the Tikbalang to be someone they know, will do so willingly and end up getting even more lost, sometimes never to be seen again.[edit]

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