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by Micha F. Lindemans
North American version of the Abominable Snowman, the Yeti, in the Himalayas. In Canada it is called 'Sasquatch', while in the United States they popularly refer to it as Bigfoot.
The word Sasquatch closely resembles and is derived from several native names for the creature used by tribes in the coastal area of the Pacific north west. The creature is supposed to be at least 2,1 m (6,9 ft) tall, but adults can be as tall as 3,5 m (11,5 ft). Its footprints measure somewhere between 40-55 cm (16-20 in). It has long arms, an ape-like face with a flat nose, and thick hairy fur. Sasquatch lives in the caves and hidden valleys of Canada and North America.
It was first seen (by white men) in 1811 and since then there have been hundreds of reports on sightings and encounters. There are several photos and films of the creature, besides casts taken from its footprints, but many of these turned out to be forgeries. There are numerous people who claim they have either seen the creature itself or its tracks. Expeditions set out to search for Bigfoot have never found it, nor is there scientific evidence for its existence.


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